Issue 14 | January 2018



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Welcome to the January 2018 Newsletter of the NMC quality assurance framework

QA activity

Implementation of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) quality assurance (QA) framework is proceeding apace during the fifth year of this contract. Since September 2017 we have completed 14 programme approvals, one endorsement event, 56 major modifications, and 57 minor modifications. In addition, there were two approval events in this period for higher education institutions to gain approved education institution (AEI) status.

This activity includes the approval of 31 new nursing degree apprenticeship (NDA) routes for pre-registration nursing programmes, across 12 AEIs, with a number of further NDA events scheduled for later this year.

The 2017-18 monitoring period is well under way, with six monitoring reviews having taken place by December 2017. All reviewer training for monitoring reviews in this cycle has now taken place. Any AEIs selected for monitoring this year will be notified six weeks prior to the event.

NMC extension to pre-registration midwifery programmes

The NMC’s Council has agreed a revised timeline for the review of standards of proficiency for registered midwives which means that public consultation is now anticipated to commence in February 2019 with publication of the new standards expected in January 2020. To minimise the burden on AEIs and practice placement partners, the NMC have applied a further extension to pre-registration midwifery programmes until 31 August 2020.

Consultation on nursing associates just released by NMC

On 4 December 2017, the NMC launched a consultation on nursing associate fees which will run for 12 weeks. After the consultation concludes, the NMC’s Council will carefully consider the evidence before making a final decision later in 2018. More information about the nursing associates consultation can be found here.

Reviewer Training

This year annual reviewer training took the format of online webinars and focussed on sharing achievements and lessons learned from 2016-17 QA activity. The presentation for these webinars can be accessed via our website.

Any reviewers involved with monitoring reviews this year attended either a face to face session or an online update.


Our website holds a range of completed approval report exemplars, ‘top tips’ and guidance materials which we hope are useful to both reviewers and AEIs. Click here to access these materials and add the web address to your favourites.

We have also added new videos to the existing content to provide further information on the use of the online portal and walk you through the solution to a number of frequently asked questions. Click here to view the videos. We would be pleased to receive your feedback and suggestions for future content.

The NMC QA Framework and the QA Handbook have both been updated for 2017-18 and are available via the homepage of our website; here.

On call and IT support

Reviewers and the staff in AEIs can contact us if they have any queries. We always try to answer your questions promptly to avoid issues that might otherwise cause delay or inconvenience.

For administrative or IT support contact the operations team at Mott MacDonald via email or or telephone 01223 463913.

For professional issues, please telephone or email Judith Porch or Bernie Wallis depending on who is on call. The on-call rota and contact details are available here:

NMC circulars

NMC circulars are emailed to reviewers by Mott MacDonald as they are issued. There have been no circulars issued since the last newsletter. Previous circulars can be downloaded from the NMC website click here.

If you have any comments or suggestions related to this latest edition of the newsletter please send them to me at

Bernie Wallis | Deputy Director of Reviews

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