Programme Modification

Modification to an existing approved education programme

An AEI may need to request a programme modification to an approved programme. How these are managed depends on the extent of change to the programme. Significant changes might include:

  • Changes to learning outcomes designed to meet NMC outcomes and proficiencies/competencies
  • Changes to assessment to meet new learning outcomes
  • Other changes that impact on any NMC regulatory requirements
  • Introduction of another field of practice
  • Introduction of another academic route
  • Introduction of an apprenticeship route
  • Introduction of a new campus or satellite site

Overview of the process for a major modification to an approved programme

Major Modification Process
This flowchart provides a flowchart of the process followed when an AEI has submitted an event request for a major modification to an approved NMC programme.

Please refer to section 4.1, paragraph 175 of the QA Handbook for additional information.







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