Support and guidance

Guidance and supporting resources provided by Mott MacDonald are accessible below.

Update: From 25 June 2023, the NMC will have released the first iteration of further development sprints which aim to enhance the system’s overall functionality and the user experience. The guidance and supporting materials have been partially updated following this release. The materials will be fully updated after the next further development release (Autumn 2023).


Visitor User Guide

Please find here the NMC and Mott MacDonald jointly authored user guide for visitors.



Please find here a glossary document containing key terms of reference and common abbreviations.


Process maps

These flowcharts will support QA visitors with the processes that go alongside the QA Link system:

- Gateway review process map

- IDPAR process map

- FPAR process map


Bitesize Videos

Short videos showing specific funcitonality are provided below:

How do I view request details that I have been assigned to?

How do I accept a visit?

How do I review gateway information?



Please find a list of FAQs and answers here.


AEI Support and Resources

If you're an AEI, training support and resources are being hosted on the NMC website.

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