Monitoring - 2021-22 Academic Year

During 2021-22 the NMC will take a proportionate approach to programme monitoring and will not undertake any routine monitoring visits. They will focus on programme approval as they know that organisations and teams will be preparing for new programme approvals. The NMC will, however, respond to known or emerging risks to patient safety or compliance against their standards, which may include extraordinary reviews and monitoring visits.

Extraordinary reviews and Monitoring visits

If someone raises concerns, a serious incident takes place, or NMC intelligence suggests that an AEI or a programme is no longer meeting their Standards and requirements, MM may be directed by the NMC to carry out an extraordinary review. The definition of serious incident is taken from the Serious Incidents Framework (SIF) which can be found at

Undertaking extraordinary review visits enables the NMC to demonstrate agility in responding to concerns, situations and events that impact on all aspects of nursing and midwifery programme delivery. The review will identify if the AEI and practice learning partners/employer partners continue to meet NMC Standards.

Please refer to section 5.11, paragraph 358 of the QA Handbook for additional information regarding the process and to understand the QA Visitor role in extraordinary review and monitoring visits.


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