Programme Modification

Modification to an existing approved education programme

An AEI may need to request a programme modification to an approved programme. How these are managed depends on the extent of change to the programme. Significant changes might include:

  • Changes to learning outcomes designed to meet NMC outcomes and proficiencies/competencies
  • Changes to assessment to meet new learning outcomes
  • Other changes that impact on any NMC regulatory requirements
  • Introduction of another field of practice
  • Introduction of another academic route
  • Introduction of an apprenticeship route
  • Introduction of a new campus

Overview of the process for a major modification to an approved programme

Major Modification Process
This flowchart provides a flowchart of the process followed when an AEI has submitted an event request for a major modification to an approved NMC programme.

Please refer to section 4.1, paragraph 165 of the QA Handbook for additional information.

Minor modifications are managed through the AEI's internal QA processes and are reported to the NMC via the annual self-assessment exercise.



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