The Team

Mott MacDonald has a dedicated team managing the NMC quality assurance programme. The team is made up of both professional and operational staff.

The core team consists of:


Dr Ian Felstead-Watts - Quality Assurance Director 

Ian joined Mott MacDonald in February 2020 following almost 20 years’ working in higher education. He has extensive experience of quality assurance (QA) processes and until recently was the health and wellbeing QA lead within an Approved Education Institution, a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) official correspondent and Registrant Visitor for Mott MacDonald. In his role as Director of Quality Assurance, Ian leads the delivery of the NMC’s QA framework and has overall responsibility for the professional team. The work focuses on protection of the public by assuring that NMC standards for nursing, midwifery and nursing associate education are met through the control of key risks and implementation of effective QA systems. Ian is a registered nurse and has a recordable teaching qualification.



Dr Pam Page - Quality Assurance Deputy Director 

Pam supports the QA of NMC programme approvals, endorsements and major modifications. Pam provides guidance and support to lay and registrant visitors throughout the NMC quality assurance processes. As a member of the team Pam also provides advice to education institutions to help them prepare for NMC quality assurance events. Pam is a registered nurse with over 35 years of experience in clinical and higher education settings in the UK.



    Michelle McDaid - Project Principal

Michelle is the project principal for the Mott MacDonald Quality Assurance. She has worked with NMC since 2012. She is responsible for the overall delivery of the contract and management of the operational team. She is ensuring continuous improvement can be made to the contract and that all stakeholders receive effective communication and delivery from the Mott MacDonald team.



 Natasha Thompson - Project Manager 

Natasha is a Project Manager for the Mott MacDonald NMC Quality Assurance contract. She is responsible for providing day to day leadership and management of the service and team to ensure that the service is delivered to time, quality and budget. Natasha is the single point of contact to the client’s contract manager to ensure that the service is delivered to their satisfaction and identifies and manages the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives. 



     Mubaraq Sanusi - Assistant Project Manager 

Mubaraq is the Assistant Project Manager for the Mott MacDonald NMC QA contract. He is the first line of support for Amy and Leo and assists in the operational quality assurance of visitor reports.



    Amy Young - Project Officer

Amy Young is a project officer within the operations team. Amy is involved in the scheduling process, prepares and sends contracts, books accommodation, announces the visits to AEIs and prepares briefing packs for QA visitors. Amy answers any queries relating to the operational aspects of the QA process. Amy is involved in the QA of programme approval reports. 



    Leo Hanson - Project Officer

Leo is responsible for creating and sending out visitor contracts and briefing packs, and supporting with processing visitor invoices and updating the NMC Mott MacDonald Website. 




You can contact an office team member by emailing or phoning our main enquiry line on 01223 463 441. The office is open from 8:30am until 5.30pm.

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